Edison Community Track

The Edison Community Track was completed and students were welcomed back to school with an inaugural Wildcat Mile on September 4, 2018.

In 2014, the Edison Elementary Principal proposed the building of a track on the south side of school property for students to have a safe place to run during P.E. class. The Track will need to be 6-8” above grade due to the geographic location of the school and the high water table. 

Edison Elementary was built in 1996 and is located one mile west of Chuckanut Drive on West Bow Hill Road. The school is a wonderful facility that educates students from Kindergarten through 8th Grade. The outdoor facilities include a covered play area, play equipment, and playfields.

The Edison Community Track will be a 1/4 mile track, 10’ wide, located on the south side of school property. The Track will provide students with access to level ground on an above-grade surface to be used for P.E. classes and during recess. The track will be open to the community during non-school hours.

Edison Outdoor Foundation completed funding for the project in June 2018.  Edison Community Track was funded as follows:
45% private donations
20% local businesses donations
17% community raised
12% Edison Elementary student fundraising
6% service organizations

Thanks to the generous support our our community, let them run! The Edison Community Track project could not have been possible without the in-kind services provided by many, most notably, Chuckanut Engineering and Wilson Engineering.  

K-2 Teachers have implemented Wildcat Mile for their students during weekly PE classes.  Grades 3-8 PE Cirruculum has been expanded to include a running segment, in addition to Workout Wednesdays.  Students have access to the Track before school, during recess and after school.